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Please delete links from support forum!!

  • YacoRoca


    hello, on the post:

    I posted a topic recently and soon after my hosting account got suspended, according to the Hosting Company,

    “The account was suspended due to extremely high resource usage caused by large traffic to /dev/dunna/foros/ and /dev/dunna/forums/foro/ locations. In total there were over 80,000 hits to this location within 5 hours before the suspension had to be placed. “

    So I am urgently asking you to please remove the links I posted there, as I do not seem to have access to doing so myself. This is causing my hosting account, as well as the development site I need to work on, great harm.

    If this is not the proper channel, please let me know which is, however any and all help in removing those links from my original post are much appreciated.

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  • daronson


    US TOO! My first post killed our site. We are being attacked

    I have removed the links from both @yacoroca & @daronson posts.

    I am not sure what we can really do about this…

    In one breath people like building traffic to their web site, though if it breaks your site then that’s not so good 😉



    Thanks, nothing you can do from people that should be drawn and quartered.

    I think I might setup some kind of experiment with one of my unused domain names and write a few posts here linking to the site and analyse what the traffic is doing and where from.

    If it hackers trying to login to the site that is one thing or it could simply be thousands of users wanting to check out my awesome bbPress site 😉

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