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pimp your Press | What does it mean

  • peter-hamilton


    The category “pimp your press”…..should it be used to pimp your press or ask support questions?

    You tell me.

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  • Robkk


    going off of this

    Pimp your Press
    A place to show off how awesome you and bbPress are



    Dont know if you spend time on Buddypress forums, where they explained the need for the red category blocks (green here) which was down to people posting mostly in he wrong category, and all the non pimping posts in the pimp-it category show that there might be a hierarchy issue, perhaps due to growth.

    Is there any plans for a change in he bbpress forums to have a different layout, more like with the epicwebs function now part of the core that allows to separate forums by category?



    i creep BuddyPress forums here and there , but yeah i read that topic

    i think someone brought this up awhile ago on the #bbpress slack channel too. Specifically the Pimp your Press forum.

    i don’t think its really a hierarchy issue and more about people not knowing exactly what a forum is for and how they interpret it to be.

    For example one user could think that Pimp your Press could be to “show off your bbPress installation” to another it could be “How could i tweak/design my bbPress installation?”

    i think they should just bring back the descriptions of the forums and place them sort of like they did in 2011 in the link i posted above, so that users know what exactly the forum is for.

    As for changing the forum archive to a different layout, who knows. It does look real nice how it is now and like i said i don’t hierarchy is not really a problem, but if they did change it i think they would because they had the same layout for a couple of years.

    oh and the epicwebs theme hierarchy is not part of core , the developer just did a cool function to use bbPress’s code to look that way. There is i think 2-3 ways to do that type of hierarchy, and the other two ways are in a bbpress trac ticket scheduled to be in a future version of bbPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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