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phpBB2 to bbpress convert

  • athalas


    I’m attempting to convert a phpBB2 forum to bbPress version 2.3.2.

    I’ve selected the option to convert users, but it’s failing with the following error:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column 'users.user_form_salt' in 'field list']
    SELECT convert(users.user_id USING "utf8") AS user_id,convert(users.user_password USING "utf8") AS user_password,convert(users.user_form_salt USING "utf8") AS user_form_salt,convert(users.username USING "utf8") AS username,convert(users.user_email USING "utf8") AS user_email,convert(users.user_website USING "utf8") AS user_website,convert(users.user_regdate USING "utf8") AS user_regdate,convert(users.user_aim USING "utf8") AS user_aim,convert(users.user_yim USING "utf8") AS user_yim,convert(users.user_icq USING "utf8") AS user_icq,convert(users.user_msnm USING "utf8") AS user_msnm,convert(users.user_jabber USING "utf8") AS user_jabber,convert(users.user_occ USING "utf8") AS user_occ,convert(users.user_interests USING "utf8") AS user_interests,convert(users.user_sig USING "utf8") AS user_sig,convert(users.user_from USING "utf8") AS user_from,convert(users.user_avatar USING "utf8") AS user_avatar FROM users AS users LIMIT 0, 100

    Is there anything I can do the resolve the issue?

    Thank you

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  • Currently the phpBB import script only supports phpBB v3

    You could upgrade phpBB v2 to phpBB v3 and then import to bbPress.

    You will still have issues with user passwords though and each user would need there password manually changed. This is due to different password algorithms between phpBB v2 & v3.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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