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phpBB v2 -> v3.0 ->bbPress authentication issues

  • sd17



    As the topic says, i’m having issues importing from an upgraded phpBB v2.x forum.

    I have approximately 4200 users, 1900 topics and 4400 replies on a phpBB v2 platform. I was able to successfully upgrade to v3.0.x and v3.1.x. As far as the phpBB upgrade goes, everything works, including authentication.

    I am now trying to import into bbPress. I’ve tried using version bbPress 2.5.7 and 2.5.5. I’ve also tried using the new patch file that supports phpBB 3.1. I’m running WordPress 4.2.2, but also tried with 4.2. All on fresh installs with bbPress as the only plugin installed and activated.

    I can see the passwords in user_meta. But I can’t login. No error other than the password is incorrect.

    Would anyone be able to help? Am I out of luck coming form version 2.x of phpBB? If i’m out of luck, is the “Lost your password?” link the only route to fix passwords?



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  • Robkk


    Thanks for testing out the patch, I might need to contact @netweb to see if there are any issues with it or maybe something else during your import.

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