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phpbb to bbpress import

  • sakthidasan



    I’m trying to import my phpbb 3.1.6 forum to bbpress wp 4.6. Nothing is happening on my import. Please find below my setting and the message I got from Import option.

    Database Server – localhost
    Database Port- 3306
    Database Name – tamilpot_DB (My phpbb DB name)
    Database User – tamilpot_DB (My phpbb DB Username)
    Database Password – xxxxx (My phpbb DB User Password)
    Table Prefix – phpbb_ (This how my prefix in phpbb database).
    Rows Limit – 100
    Delay Time – 1
    Convert Users – Checked
    Start Over – Checked
    Purge Previous Import – Checked

    In response, I got as,

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    Conversion Complete
    No reply_to parents to convert
    No replies to convert
    No tags to convert
    No super stickies to stick
    No stickies to stick
    No topics to convert
    No forum parents to convert
    No forums to convert
    No passwords to clear
    No users to convert
    No data to cleanStarting Conversion

    Can you please help me to import my forum to bbpress?

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