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phpbb importer not finding forums

  • eoppegaard


    Hey Experts!

    I am trying to import legacy forums from phpbb over to bbpress. I uploaded our SQL file, as well as the old file directory for the legacy forums to the root of the site.

    When I run the importer, it seems that it doesn’t find anything, and never converts.

    Repair any missing information: ContinueConversion Complete
    No reply_to parents to convert
    No replies to convert
    No tags to convert
    No super stickies to stickNo stickies to stick
    No topics to convertNo forum parents to convert
    No forums to convert
    No data to clean
    Starting Conversion

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  • Hi,

    Did you use bbPress 2.5.8 or 2.6 dev ? The new 2.6 has better conversion options, so you might try that one. But I think your problem is more related that it does not find the source correctly.




    I am using BbPress Version 2.5.8 but I think you are right it is never finding the source.

    Where should the source files be placed?



    You need to be extremely careful about how you enter the parameters for the source database.

    Check the hostname, username, password, etc.

    The converter will be UTTERLY WORTHLESS in informing you if you are not actually connected to your source database and worst of all, outputs messages that imply that it has connected to the source database but the database is in some way empty.

    Really.. how hard would it be to trap the connection error and output an appropriate message?

    @eoppegaard The database actually needs to be active in the same MySQL server your WordPress site is running on, not the same database, just available as a database in the MySQL server. Uploading the MySQL .sql dump file or phpBB files to yor site will have no effect and will not work.

    Some of the docs here might also help you out.

    It might be easy for you, it’s not for me, if it was I’d have done it, if you’d be able to help out and help with some code for a solution to that that would be awesome.



    BbPress Version 2.5.8 is the best. I am using it!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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