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phpBB import username issue

  • Bryan Eggers


    I imported a phpBB database with about 2500 users and over 100,000 posts (it took about 90 minutes).  What I noticed is that there were two username created for each phpBB member, for example Chewy and imported_Chewy.  I thought about just deleting all the “imported_” names until I realized that all the references on the board are to those names and not the original names. What to do?

    I also forgot to mention that the email associated with the account also has the imported_ prefix.

    This is using the Buddypress 1.7 beta and BBpress 2.2.4. Thanks!




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  • Stephen Edgar


    This is by design and is expected behaviour.

    If you do an import and the username already exist or they were imported from a previous import the user will be given a username with the prefix `’imported_’` as you outlined above.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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