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phpBB Import Error

  • Mr.PHP


    Hi all. I’m having some problems importing my phpBB forum into bbPress. My forum is quite big, those are my stats:
    Posts: 96807 | Topics: 19192 | Users: 9633

    During conversion stops here (13601 – 13700)

    What can i do?

    Thank u

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  • Mr.PHP


    I try to stop and start
    During conversion stops here (13601 – 13700)



    Where you ?

    After you click stop and then start it should just continue on from where it left off.

    The issue will be though is that any topics in that range of (13601 – 13700) that were not imported before the conversion stopped will not be imported.

    These types of faults are typically due to some encoding issue in that post. Sometimes this is from an encoding conversion to UTF8 that was done at some point. Whatever it is, it’s nearly impossible to detect without setting a time limit on queries and bisecting the difference until we can narrow down the offending entry, and skip it. Because queries could naturally take a long time, and because it results in missed data, I’m not comfortable with this approach.

    The workaround is to find and delete the offending reply which is time consuming and tricky but the only way at this stage.

    Here’s how I do debug this and find the offending topics/replies:

    • Once the import hangs, click stop, take a note of where it was up to, e.g. Converting 11,299 – 11,300
    • Click start again and the import will continue from where it left off
    • If it hangs again, take note of where it was up to again
    • Once finished make a fresh copy of the source database
    • Now drop all the rows in the database that are not in the range of rows that failed during import
    • Perform a fresh import using this database with the “Rows Limit” setting set to 1
    • The import should hang on the offending topic/reply
    • Again, take note of the topic/reply it was up to
    • Click stop, click start again to continue on
    • Once you have your list of offenders and the import has finished delete these rows from this database and test again to make sure it completes without hanging
    • Now back in your full database (presumably a copy of the original) delete these same rows from the database and run the import again
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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