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Phantom YouTube link in BBP sidebar

  • Dono12


    I’m having this problem where a phantom link for the YouTube thumbnail is being shown in the excerpt portion of the Sidebar RECENT POST EXTENDED WIDGET. This phantom link, which is not clickable, takes you to the “video on YouTube” for that thumbnail.

    The weird thing is the phantom link is only being shown in the sidebar of the Buddypress Forums Plugin (BBP) page and nowhere else.
    I’ve tried the latest WP theme 2016, I’ve tried disabling all plugins, I’ve tried reverting back to older BBP Versions = (WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH) and I’ve tried digging through the codes for both plugin, got noooo where.
    I use the Automatic Featured Images from Videos plugin, to generate the YouTube Thumbnails. This plugin is also not the culprit. 🙂

    Please help, try a test version, see if the bug is a BBP plugin bug or a Recent Post Widget Extended plugin bug.

    Merry Christmas, if I don’t hear from anyone by then…. 😉

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