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Password protecting forums?

  • ssplwork


    Do I password protect the page that the forum short code is on, or what? Password protecting the page does nothing. I’m running the Enfold theme by Kriesi.

    I need to make a set of users have access to the forums, and password protect everything inside of them, and certain people be able to edit, and all be able to post.

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  • Robin W


    So 3 possibilities here

    1. you just want to have you forum pages needing a password, with no user registration. Probably not the best choice, so I’ll ignore for the moment

    2. You want to hide your forums, and have registered people being able to access with some being able to edit.

    Just set the forums to private Dashboard<forums>all forums and edit the forum you want. On the right hand side you’ll see visibility – just set to private

    Base users will have the participant role, with those editing having the moderator role.

    Then choose between manual or automatic registration. Manual gives you control, automatic means anyone can gain access. You can use a plugin such as ‘confirm user registration’ to provide a half way house. Used in conjunction with ‘SB Welcome Email Editor’ to warn your users that they will need to be approved, this provides a great way to let people register, you’re emailed and just click a link to confirm them onto the site, or block them.

    3. If you want your forums visible, but not accessible – so people know they are there, use my plugin

    Again user access as per 2 above

    Come back if any of that isn’t clear, or if you can describe your needs further



    hi, Robin W
    if i want some post or some replys only show to login users´╝łor some roles like author editor),how to do?

    Robin W


    On individual topics and replies, this is not possible without additional coding, and I’m not aware of any.

    The ‘normal’ way would be

    For participants (we are talking bbpress roles here eg participant, moderator, keymaster etc. rather than wordpress roles editor, author etc., as bbpress restricts to bbpress roles )

    then create a forum, set it’s status to private, and put all topics in there

    For author, editor set these people to be moderators under bbpress, and again set a forum up, but this time set it to hidden, and put topics (and replies) in there

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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