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  • guillaume


    Hello to everybody,

    I am currently working on a BBPRESS installation. I have 2 diferent parts on my website : a Blog AND a Forum.

    I have a parent page for all my forums called “Forums” So, in my main nav, I have 2 items : “Blog” and “Forums”.

    When I click on “Forums” in the nav, I go to the parent page of all my forums. In the nav, the item “Forums” gets the following classes in the HTML :
    .menu-item menu-item-type-post_type .menu-item-object-page .current-menu-item .page_item .page-item-20 .current_page_item menu-item-22

    Now, when I click on one of my forums, “forum 1” for exemple, my item “Forums” in the nav gets the folowing classes :
    .menu-item .menu-item-type-post_type .menu-item-object-page .menu-item-22

    and the item “blog” get the classes :
    .menu-item .menu-item-type-post_type .menu-item-object-page .menu-item-23 .current_page_parent

    I mean that “forum 1” should be a child page of “Forums” ?
    Instead, it seems to be a child element of the blog. Does anybody know how to fix this ?

    I have the latest version of wordpress and bbpress, work locally with Mamp, using Twenty15 as a theme.

    If somebody have a solution, it would be great, thanks for your attention.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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