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Pagination of Topics in Twenty Twenty theme

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    Hi again 🙂

    I’m using the Twenty Twenty theme with bbpress.

    On any single topic, the ‘next’ link of the pagination jumps to the latest topic. The ‘previous’ link is missing. On the latest topic, the ‘next’ link links to itself.

    On any forum, it does the same.

    On posts, it works as expected.

    This is a child theme, but I get the same results with the parent theme active, and with all plugins other than bbpress deactivated.

    I’ve also asked this question over at twenty twenty theme but no replies.
    I guess this question may have more to do with the theme than with bbpress, but perhaps I’m wrong? Do other themes pagination work as expected with bbpress forums and topics? Perhaps I could swap out twenty twenty’s pagination for that of another theme?

    Do you have any clues what’s gone wrong? I think pagination is really important for the site, and the twenty twenty themes style of pagination is very visually appealing, so I’d prefer to get it working rather than delete it!~

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