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Pagination does not work, all posts dumped onto one page

  • Jake Hall


    Hi all,

    Having an issue with bbPress Pagination, unfortunately it seems it has broken. Every single post is dumped onto the same page within actual topics.

    It (seems) to be working with categories, as I can do /category/forum/page/2/ and it will tell me there is no content, however, when doing that within a topic it just shows everything.

    No pagination links are being drawn at the bottom of the page either.

    My pagination-replies.php file is identical to that of which is provided in the templates folder.

    I was hoping to put my site live tonight and right at the last hurdle, it doesn’t seem it’s happening. 🙁 I am essentially looking for people to go over the basics to make sure I haven’t missed anything that would cause this to happen, so please.. do help! 😛

    edit: so I have just activated the twenty-fourteen theme to see if I had broken it in my theme, and it is exactly the same there too. What have I done? 🙁

    edit2: I have resaved permalinks, ran all of the forum tools – still the same.

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  • xenous


    Check your Forum Settings for topics and replies per page section. Either set right or wrong save the page.




    if you have threaded replies pagination doesnt work.

    There is a fix that someone recently posted to fix this , but i havent tried it yet.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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