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Pagination count error on topic archives

  • Laughing Cat


    The pagination count (count of pages) for my topic archive is wrong.
    The page count (and clickable links in the generated page navigation) says 16 pages. But actually only pages from 1 to 13 will work (from 14 to 16 will return 404).

    Forum archives and individuall discussion (replies) pagination will work fine.

    I’ve set to display 15 discussions per page. If I change this number the pagination count might change as well but the error will stay (just the total count will change, but again it adds up a couple of pages that shouldn’t be there). This happens also if I use the shortcode to show up latest discussions (topics).

    I tried to reset the counters in forum tools, but didn’t produce a change.

    I tried to force the number of queried posts per page (topics per page) via pre_get_posts filter, but doesn’t change the pagination error.

    I don’t know how to solve this. I’m using bbp 2.3.2 and wp 3.5.2. Buddypress is also installed. No legacy forums/groups activated.

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