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Pagination Broken beyond page 2 for shortcode [bbp-topic-index]

  • mrpritchett


    Trying to diagnose a site why the pagination for the shortcode [bbp-topic-index] works only to page 2. Once you get to page 3+ (of 1200+ pages) it 404s. It only goes to page 2 regardless of what the per page setting is for topics. This is running PHP7.0.x, WP 4.8.1 and I’ve confirmed the issue on 2.5.12 and 2.6 RC3. Going back to 2.5.11 gives me the ksort expects param 1 to be an array error as do all other 2.5.x series. I have tested with all plugins deactivated except bbPress and tried all the usual default themes. Any thoughts?

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  • scmsteve


    I was searching on this problem and found that setting “Forum root should show” to “Topics by Freshness” instead of “Forum Index” seems to resolve a similar issue for our site. I don’t understand why, I haven’t dug into it yet.

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