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Overriding !important in bbPress CSS?

  • Bet Hannon


    I need to override the default CSS color for
    .bbp-topics-front ul.super-sticky, .bbp-topics ul.super-sticky, .bbp-topics ul.sticky, .bbp-forum-content ul.sticky

    But the default color declaration has an !important in it. What’s the best way to fix this so my color will display? I know I could hack the plugin CSS, but that’s not the best option. 🙂

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  • Hi,
    Is this a public site ? If you could post a link and tell us what you want to change exactly, we could have a look. I suppose it’s not bbPress that has the !important ?

    Bet Hannon


    Hi Pascal! Thanks for your quick reply!

    Unfortunately, no — these forums are locked down to only approved users.

    The CSS is in /plugins/bbpress/templates/default/css/bbpress.css, line 896:

    /* =Stickies
    -------------------------------------------------------------- */
    .bbp-topics-front ul.super-sticky,
    .bbp-topics ul.super-sticky,
    .bbp-topics ul.sticky,
    .bbp-forum-content ul.sticky {
    	background-color: #ffffe0 !important;
    	font-size: 1.1em;

    I need to change that background color. But I’m not a CSS ninja, and I’m not sure how to override that !important from the default plugin CSS. This is when adding a 2nd !important to trump the first would be handy. 🙂




    You can put this bbPress default themes CSS from the plugin into a folder called css in your child theme and edit the css file to your liking.

    Bet Hannon


    Thanks, Robkk! Just what I was looking for!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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