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One forum in two categories.

  • manueldo


    Hi All, first of all sorry for english, sin´t the best, so if you can not understand just tell me.
    I am creating a community and I will have a forum. In that forum I will have diferent categories and here is my problem.
    I didn´t find (and I don´t know if it is possible) how to make a relation between one forum and two categories.

    For example, if I am talking about sports, I would need this:
    – Sports clubs in Argentina (Category)
    — Basketball clubs (Category)
    — Football clubs (Category)
    — Tennis clubs (Category)

    And here is my problem: Boca Juniors (example), is a basketball club and football club too, and I need that Boca Juniors be a forum. I create Boca Juniors as a Forum BUT I only can relate it to Basketball category or Football category, not to both; and as Boca Juniors I have a lot of clubs with a lot of categories to be related.

    Will I have to make my own forums index manually?
    My forum isn´t about clubes, but the taxonomy is the same.
    How can I solve it? Thanks in advance for your help.

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