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On attachment file permalink

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  • do you mind me asking, what bbpress version are you running?

    The settings have a line that looks like this:

    $bb_attachments=”participate”; // minimum role to download original = read/participate/moderate/administrate

    If you’re signed in, can you download the attachment? If so, the default for downloading content was probably left to “participate”… which requires downloaders to be registered. That’s why that “Sorry, download is restricted” message is appearing.

    If that’s the case, you will want to take set the download role to read, not participate. Good luck!

    @massbase: version

    @johnhiler: thanks for your reply, sorry I didn’t express clearly, I didn’t mean whether the attachment can be downloaded if registered or not, I mean, the permalink is dynamical and thus somewhat ugly, not that friendly in SEO.

    Actually, I write a robots.txt rule in the root of like:

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /bbs/?bb_attachment=*

    but unexpectly, it didn’t work, the attachment link still be indexed. Do I need to write the rule in /bbs root?

    and secondly, as the link like: topic/18?bb_attachments=30&bbat=19

    I don’t know how to write the robots.txt rule…. :(



    Are you trying to make the permalinks prettier, or prevent google from indexing the attachments? I’m having a hard time following the conversation.

    Also, you will have to ask the search engines to remove content from their index if it’s already in there. Each search engine has a form, and with Google Webmaster tools, it’s right in the admin screen. It happens in a couple days in my experience.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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