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Nominate BBpress to community Choice Awards

  • Hello, as some of you might know already, hands out awards annually to the best open source projects. I’m inviting the community to nominate one of my favorite forums system (and possibly yours too). Of course, bbpress.

    Just Click Here to Nominate BBPress

    I Nominated it for best project and best new project.

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  • Thanks, benbeltran, for the heads up! I just nominated it for the same categories…

    I hope it helps somehow. In my opinion, this is the best forum software if you’re a developer that wants custom forums and doesn’t mind getting dirty with code. At least that’s why I love it (I know, people will disagree with me).

    I’ve never felt so in control of my forums before :). Everything is just … clean, from the default UI to the insides.



    Oh darn I completely missed this one.

    Well the projects that made it as finalists are much bigger, so maybe next year.

    ps. did you know Sourceforge uses bbPress for it’s forums?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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