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No plugins are showing in my list

  • I’m relatively new to this, so bare with me…

    I’ve got a WordPress site integrated with a BB Press forum (one login for both) and I have created a my-plugins directory in my base directory and the permissions on it is 755 numerically. Even though I believe everything is set up correctly, and the forum itself works absolutely perfect, a total of 0 of my installed plugins show up on the administrative plugins list (default ones show up still). If I am not mistaken, someone mentioned that BB Press is not a plugin in itself, but the directory is in fact in my plugins folder.

    In other words, I install my BB plugins to:

    ftp and website address stuff…/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/my-plugins

    Every file in my-plugins is 755, and no one else seems to have this exact problem when they use plugins. So does anyone know what exactly is going on?

    WordPress version is the most up to date one, I’m using the default green theme (for the forum), and these should easily be compatible plugins.

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  • make a my-plugins folder in the same level as bb-plugins

    Um, it is… like I’ve said, I’ve done everything to the specifications of the read-me and documentation.



    That’s the wrong location for the files. They should not be in the WordPress plugins folder. I imagine if you don’t try and activate it as a WordPress plugin from there, the worst that happens is you have to access your forum at

    which just looks silly. I think it would work though.

    I would just make sure that bbpress folder and my-plugins folder inside that have 755 permissions.

    What plugins did you install that you cannot see?

    And why did you have to create the my-plugins directory? Wasn’t it there when you installed bbPress?

    Well here I go writing an epic novel and I find out that the wp-plugins directory install was accidental. I found the correct one with some help, but thanks for trying anyway. I had suspected this was the case but I guess it was just out of sight. Thanks again. BTW, it won’t hurt to delete the files in the wp-plugins since I found the real directory correct?



    So long as your URL is not using the forum installation that was at (maybe it’s ?) than you can safely delete the files. You might want to look at the bb-config.php and see what the database settings and see if you’re using another database as well, or if you are somehow using the same database and tables.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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