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No link to forum on my website

  • kurosama



    I am a complete beginner and have just created using WP3.9.2. and BBP2.5.4. with 2011 theme.
    Though I managed to put “Forum” on the menu (in Japanese !, 4th from the left), there is no link at all. I have created one test forum and a topic but it is nowhere to be seen !

    Sorry to ask such a beginner’s question and thanks in advance.

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  • I’m getting lost translating the permalinks though the English is “Forums” and Japanese translation should be “フォーラム”

    You can check with these links

    Here is the topic you created:


    I’d also suggest trying in the Twenty Fourteen theme, the Twenty Twelve theme (and eleven) can be a little tricky at times.



    Thanks for your reply and sorry that you are “lost in translation”. Following your advice, I have; changed the theme to twenty fourteen, revised a forum page with the text and [bbb-forum-index], added this to the menu, recreated another forum and a topic as well as changing the permalink setting to “default”. What else do I need to do so that the bbpress features finally appear when clicking “forum” on the menu bar ? Thanks again.

    bbPress should work fine using the ‘default’ settings including the default slugs:

    The shortcode should be [bbp-forum-index] (You used bbb and not bbp)

    The Japanese translations for forum and forums are the same, these should be different based on how the Japanese language uses plurals in this context as if they are the same this will cause a problem for bbPress, I had to use フォーラ so it was different from フォーラム 😉

    Here it all is working for me, my domain is http://en-au2.wp.nw/build, yours would be and everything is using ‘native’ Japanese for the permalinks 🙂

    bbPress Settings (Slugs/Permalinks)

    Page with (Back end) [bbp-forum-index]

    Single Page (Front end) with Menu link showing the above page フォーラム

    Forums (Front end)

    Single Forum (Back end)

    Single Forum (Front end)

    Single Topic (Back end)

    Single Topic (Front end)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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