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No emails are being sent from when new users “Subscribe” to the forum

  • upatil


    I am having issues with my bbPress forum to perform the following things :
    1. Send emails to the Forum Admin when a new user “Subscribes” to the forum
    2. Send email to the user who just “Subscribed” to a forum
    3. Send email to the all the admins/moderators when a new forum is created.

    WordPress 4.8.3, bbPress 2.5.14
    Link :

    Please advice if is this is an out of the box functionality of bbPress or if I am missing something in settings?

    If this is not a default behavior, can you let me know what other plugin I can use to get this working on my forum. I appreciate all the help and suggestion.

    Usha Patil

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  • seamusberkeley


    Experiencing exact same issue. Mail is being sent to site admin address, not to any other user.


    Robin W


    Start with

    1. You should be aware that many spam filters strip messages that do not come from the correct address. So if your site is and your email address in wordpress settings/general is fred@gmail.comthen it is likely that messages will be dumped in transit. You need to set up email to come from your site eg, your hosting provider can help if needed.
    2. Just bbpress?
    Then you need to see if this is wordpress wide or just bbpress.
    3. Some people have fixed it with this plugin



    Thank you Robin for the response.

    1. My emails are setup to come from correct address like eg
    2. Emails are going out from the wordpress for other activities except for “Subscribe” action.
    3. Tried the “Asyncronous-bbpress-subscriptions” plugin to fix the email issue on the plugin – it dint work for me.

    Is the email on subscription a default behavior of bbPress. Ideas to fix it is appreciated.




    Same ongoing issue after testing Robin’s suggestions.

    1. Email matches domain
    2. Check email plugin proved successfully; email sent and received
    3. Asynchronous plugin did not resolve

    The specific issue on install is for replies to subscribed forums or topics. No email is being sent to any user, except when replying with site admin login. Even more odd, would not send mail to additional user even after setting their roles to keymaster and administrator.

    Any ideas?

    Sure would like the reply notification to work as it’s the main reason to install bbpress.

    Appreciate any help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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