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Next/Prev page link to view older topics

  • I set my forum to only show the 10 latest topics on the front page, but I would like to have a next/prev link at the bottom so people can view older topics as well. How do I go about doing that?

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  • For example, what I’m looking for is this type of navigation:

    1 2 3 … 25 Next ยป

    like the one on this forum.



    That type of pagination happens here and in a default installation within a topic, but not between topics. Are you looking for what exists here or for pagination for the older topics?

    How about something like this?

    You can also search the forums here for pagination and find more interesting things.

    I’d like to have a pagination for older topics on the front page.

    By the way, thanks chrishajer for your help. I still haven’t figured it out yet though.


    I’d recommend installing the MyViews plugin by _ck_, which has a “latest discussions” view that has pages… it doesn’t actually give you paging on the front page, but you could make a link called “More…” or something at the bottom of the latest discussions box that links to the latest discussions view.

    Thanks HowToGee. I actually have the MyViews plugin already, but I didn’t know there was a page to the latest discussions view. How do I link to that, like what’s the URL for it?

    You have to make sure that it’s listed in the my-views.php plugin file in this line:

    $my_views['prefered_order']=array(      // force views to list in the order that you desire

    Usually the link is something like /forum/view/latest-discussions, for instance mine is here:

    If you wanted to link directly to the second page, it would be something like this:

    That looks like it should work. I have this in my-views.php though


    The problem is, every time I put /view/latest-discussions/ or /view/latest-discussions/page/2 , it redirects me to the index page.

    latest-discussions is nowhere to be found. Could it be anything else?

    What’s the link to your forum?

    Ah, the problem appears to be that the latest discussions plugin isn’t installed, or it would show up in the list… I think it’s in a separate file.

    If you downloaded the MyViews plugin a while ago, there was a bug in the svn system where some of the files weren’t getting included. You might want to grab the latest version.

    ps.. your avatars are a weird size.

    Oh. I didn’t know there was a Latest Discussions plugin. But it seems to work only up to .8 and I have version .83. I tried the latest version of My Views, but it didn’t include a Latest Discussions file. What bbPress version do you use?

    I think my avatars are an okay size. Thanks for joining my forum by the way.

    I’m using whatever the current release is…

    My Views actually extends the latest discussions and makes a view out of it.. maybe _ck_ can help answer why yours isn’t working.

    Thanks. Would you need to have WordPress in order to use the Latest Discussions plugin? You have WordPress and bbPress integrated together, and the plugin’s page said that the plugin will generates Latest Discussion list from your bbpress forum into your WordPress. I’m not using WordPress on my forum.

    That latest discussions plugin is for wordpress… I’ve been talking about the latest discussions view in bbpress that is part of the My Views plugin.

    I figured out how to get the Latest Discussions view. Thanks. You were right. It was in the My Views plugin. I just had to activate “Topics I’ve started/ Topics I’ve Participated In”. Thanks again for all your help.

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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