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Newsletter by email

  • Hello, I would like the function to send newsletter by email to members in my bbpress forum! I know the emails is saved in the database (or?) so this would not be any problems to integrate or make an plugin, i think. The only problem is that I’m not the man for this job ;)

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  • is it hard to understand or is there nobody who know how to do?



    I for one am not sure what you are looking for.

    Are you looking to use the email addresses from the bbPress installation to send out an email newsletter? So, the registration emails become your mailing list? What will the newsletter content be? Is the content from your forums? And if so, what content will be sent?

    Also, if people did not opt in to your newsletter (they just registered on your site), you could be spamming them with a newsletter they didn’t ask for. That’s illegal in the US (CAN-SPAM compliance) and might be illegal in other countries too.

    Okey! Of course I’m not going to send out spam to my members! The content will be tips, some new information about the forum, popular topics and so on..

    The word mailinglist is alot better word than “Newsletter by email”!

    To subscribe to this list you have to agree with it and this is also a serious forum and a serious mailinglist!



    OK. So you are not going to spam them. They will agree to opt in. You are going to create the content of the newsletter manually. You just need to use the emails from your registrations to send out the newsletter?

    I know this exists already for WordPress. Is your forum integrated with WordPress? If so, then you’re already done: just add the WordPress plugin. If not, then I think you’re requesting a plugin.

    Hehe, yes!

    I have plans to integrate my forum with WP but not for the moment. But maybe I should do that instead of reaquesting a plugin.. (?)

    Thanks anyway!



    If you integrate, your users will be in WordPress, and then you can search over at for mailing list or newsletter.

    If you are not trying to send ‘content’ from forums, I would do what chrishajer is saying. Integration of bbPress and WP has both using the WP users, so why re-invent the wheel and use the WP plugin!


    I’m not going to send content directly from the forum, just tip the member of usefull topics!

    Thx alot!



    How about for those of us who aren’t integrating with WordPress? This would be very useful for me. :)

    Is there a massmail plugin avalable for bbPress?

    I also would benafit from a plugin that can send emails to meembers. I don’t have my forum inteigrated with WP.

    i recommend that you put a WP installation on the side and integrate them. You can reap the benefits from some plugins before waiting for a bbpress native version.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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