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New topics and replies not showing, freshness incorrect

  • I keep having a problem within my bbPress forums: when a registered user posts a new topic or reply, it does not show up immediately or not for all users:

    – In some cases the new topic or reply only shows up the next day, in other cases after half an hour, it’s completely unpredictable.

    – Sometimes user X can see the latest addition, while user Y (with exactly the same role / rights) can not see it.

    – Some new replies do not even show up in my WP-admin dashboard.

    – The freshness displayed in the frontend is lagging very much behind.

    I have tried various things that I found in related support calls:

    – Recount – no effect

    – (re)Save permalinks settings and bbPress settings

    – Disable Akismet – no effect

    – Deactivate and reactivate bbPress – no effect

    – Deleting the entire forum and creating a new one – no effect

    I am using WordPress 3.4.1 and bbPress 2.0.3 in conjunction with the Twenty Eleven theme. The problem occurred also in earlier versions of WordPress by the way.

    Does anybody have a clue how to resolve this? I am at the end of my wits…

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  • By the way, I have 3 forums in my bbPress and they are all set to ‘Public’ (but the page where the forums are embedded is only visible and accessible for logged in users).

    P.S. This may be valuable information for a possible solution / bug fix: Users immediately DO see the new topic or reply after logging out and logging back into WordPress.



    Hi rvlak,
    have you found a solution?



    I have exactly the same problem. No solution found other than logging out and then logging back in again



    I seem to be having the same issue. Would love a solution for this.



    I’m having a similar problem, none of my topics seems to show up under freshness in the forums root. It just says “no topics”, the other counters for topics and posts seem to be working fine though..

    Anyone got a solution for this? I’ve used bbpress for some two weeks now and it’s been this way from the start, I’m using the newest versions of both WP and bbpress.



    Update: This only pertains to closed topics, regular ones still display in the freshness column.



    Just to give some more info about this from what I’ve experienced too:

    I’m using WP 3.7.1 and bbPress 2.4.1. I’m using the Fresh News theme from WooThemes. I tested this with another account and a friend. Topics are not an issue for me; it’s only replies that are causing an issue. I have also tried disabling my other plugins to no avail.

    1. If I reply using either account, I cannot see the reply on the account that I made the reply with, but I can see it with my other account immediately. My friend can also see my reply immediately from her account and when she’s logged out. The same happens when my friend makes a reply. She cannot see her own reply, but I can see it immediately on both of my accounts and when I’m logged out. Refreshing the page (multiple times) does not cause the reply to appear for the user that made the reply.

    2. If a reply is made by a logged-in user and the user immediately logs out, suddenly, their reply becomes visible. If a logged-out user makes a reply then immediately logs in, suddenly their reply becomes visible.

    Something interesting to note is that I run the same site on two different domains with the same host but different servers. Everything is exactly the same on both sites… I just use one to test things before I install/transfer it to the “real” site. On my test site, I do not have this issue at all. Same exact theme, plugins, settings, etc. Everything is exactly the same, yet I am only having this weird reply lag on my “real” site.



    Figured out the issue finally (at least my own… hopefully this will help anyone else having similar issues as well).

    Even though I had disabled WP Super Cache (along with the rest of my plugins) to see if that was the culprit, it seems it was still doing SOMETHING in the background. Here’s what I had to do:

    Uninstalled the plugin completely. FTPed in and made sure that wp-content/advanced-caching.php and wp-content/wp-cache-config.php were deleted along with everything else during uninstall.

    Opened up wp-config.php and deleted the two lines that were added by WP Super Cache (they’re noted and pretty obvious anyway).

    This seems to have done the trick. 🙂



    Hello – new to this forum.

    I have just started using bbPress (WordPress plugin), and I see that the ‘Freshness’ is incorrect for my test forum (localhost). The topic and post dates are in fact correct (when you go to the post, look at WP Admin, the post dates are accurate), but ‘Freshness’ is completely incorrect.

    For now, I am developing my own Freshness algorithm, and will include it via theme compatability. I just wanted to add feedback that there seems to be a problem w ‘Freshness’ that would benefit from a fix.

    Thanks. –Bill



    This problem of replies not showing also happens here on this bbPress Support forum.
    It happened to me 3 times that the reply did not show and after I made a second reply to the same topic they both showed up.




    I have also a problem of freshness on my forum, i would like if someone found a great and good solution. The date in the widget is showing good time but not in root page of the Forum.
    Thanks for your help




    Same problem here (in Greek).

    I flushed the permalinks several times, also saved the forum settings and ran several repair routines with no result, even when I log out and back in.

    The problem had “fixed itself” for a number of days, without me doing anything particular (I had given up on it at the time) and re-appeared yesterday. I remember trashing and deleting a topic before it happened, but I can’t be sure if that was relevant.



    I have same problem subscribers don’t see any new topics/posts (even their own) unless they log out and log back in again. Page refresh does not work. I am not using wp super cache and have disabled askimet. The new activity does show up in freshness counts but not the actual top or reply.



    I am going to delete bbpress



    I’m having the exact same issue – their replies become visible as soon as they log out. I’m using WP 4.0, bbPress 2.5.4 and bbPress WP4 fix 1.0.

    Any support from bbPress here to help us?!?!



    Any thoughts on this from anyone?



    Same issue as described above for a client’s forum I am working on.

    New topics and replies not showing, freshness incorrect

    Now I do have one question as no one has really mentioned this yet.

    What server is everyone running wordpress/bbpress on?

    Aside from this issue I do have smaller issues that I had to handle simply because my client’s server configuration and it being on IIS/Windows server as opposed to Linux (I normally don’t have issues such as this on Linux)



    I think this cause by cache not clear. You should disable all your cache plugin like wp cache or w3 total cache. Then clear cache from VPS or from host control panel (if use host).

    The better way is try to list the database of bbpress and files which related to bbpress to the avoid caching in Cache Plugin




    Yup – delete super cache and delete the lines it added in wp-config.

    Users Cannot View Own Replies



    I´m using the latest bbpress version.
    My problem is:
    When i’m replayed a topic in bbpress the page start to reload and still reload.
    The page dont be update and i need to press f5 to reload the page to see my topic replay.
    I don’t have a lot of topics and users.

    I dont use cache plugin because the forum have only 3 topics and i fell relpays.

    So, how to speed up the bbpress topic or what kind of issue is this?

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