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New install – Can't find Settings, etc for bbPress Admin

  • I’ve been browsing these forums for the last day and a half while installing the latest version of bbPress on my 2.8.3 install of WP. So far so good with one glaring issue. When I log in as my Admin and click the “Admin” link at the op left of the bbPress page I have no idea if I am actually seeing the admin area or not. I don’t see anything that says Settings or any way to customize my install, change themes, etc…

    Am I missing something here? I’m kind of at a loss as to what I can do next to try to debug this issue. Even the login integration with my WP install worked out pretty well. When I log out of one system it successful logs me out of the other, same is true when I log in.

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  • What do you see? Do you see your Dashboard?

    Do you mean after I lo into WP Admin or bbPress Admin?

    When clicking on bbPress “Admin” I get taken to a page that displays the front page….OMG!!

    Ok, as I was typing the above line I went to click on it just to verify exactly what I was seeing and to describe it to you. Then all of a sudden I am taken to the Admin Dashboard for bbPress.

    Go figure that it doesn’t work for over 24 hours and as soon as I complain or ask for help it starts working. Damn ghosts in the machine…

    It was probably a cookie caching issue. Once in a while my cookies on FF go stupid and I have this exact issue. I have to dump ’em all, flush the cache, and magically it works again. It happens on any site, though, not just Akismet ones.

    so i am asking for HELP and it should work…hehe.

    i just installed bb102 on wp283mu.

    and in bb admin there is no setting option other than chnage theme.

    what went wrong?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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