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Need help for programming/tweaking bbpress code

  • MLH78


    Hi all,

    I need help for programming a little feature for my forum.
    I’m willing to pay some money, after a more detailed discussion of price.
    But this should be somewhat “easy” for a programmer used to bbpress/wordpress, as most code already exists.

    If interested:

    Please, have a look at this page:
    (They supply this for free by the way)

    Look at the top widget/stock chart, and look at the code supplied on the same page underneath the chart.
    Also notice how you can enter the stock-symbol of choice, in the top left corner of the chart, to search in Teamviewers own database, to load a new chart.
    NOTE: This method (from the user interface) does apparently NOT change the “SYMBOL” in the code, as seen on the page above.
    – For the “widget” to show another symbol by default, you’ll have to enter it and click “Apply” on the left side, to update the code with a new default SYMBOL.
    Please try it out, to have a feeling how it works.

    Now my questions:

    Is it possible to embed this script, in the text-area for bbpress, and run its output “live” when a user edits a new post?
    It could be called and embedded into the text area, by clicking a “check-button” labeled “Graf” (‘Chart’ in Danish).
    (And removed again unchecking this button – of course)

    Is it possible for the user, to enter directly on the user interface of the widget, a new symbol, and post it (correct chart) together with the topic?
    It would maybe require that the Post-button would need to update the “SYMBOL”-line in the script code, with the symbol the user have chosen and fetched from Tradingviews database, while also posting it all…Like you would do with an WYSIWYG editor

    I hope I made myself somewhat understandable 🙂

    Thanks in advance !

    Best regards,
    Martin L. Hansen – Denmark.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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