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My Forums: Temporada De Patos

  • benbeltran


    These forums use the Spanish Translation and some extra language tweaks i added on my own …

    Forums for Temporada de Patos

    the plugins i use are:

    Allow Images

    Avatar Upload




    Front Page Topics

    Indicate New Posts

    Page Links for bbPress

    Post Count

    Private Message

    Quicktags 4 bbPress


    Simple Online List

    And a Custom BB-Badge Plug-in i made :)

    The skin is an edit of the original bbpress theme, i made it to fit the main site (a WordPress blog). The icons are from the Tango Project.

    The most noticeable changes in the layout are on the forum displays (front page and the one for each forum) and the profile.


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  • It looks very nice :) Does the badge plugin work via the usermeta table?

    I see you also took the approach of min-height to make your posts large enough for the avatar and userdetails on the side. I do that too, but it bothers me slightly; I’d rather have something properly fluid – can’t figure out a way of doing it without tables or tag soup though. :(

    By the way, if you put the min-height property on .threadpost rather than on .post it will also take the signature into account, which might make quite a difference.



    yeah, it was a workaround before … i don’t think it matters much anymore since i changed .threadpost to display:block so it stretches all the way instead of depending on line-height.


    and about the badges plug-in … i’m not sure what you mean (sorry, i’m very new to bbpress so i still don’t know my way around that much). I changed the profile/admin keys on functions.php :(

    Oye me podrias echar una mano para poner mi foro mas o menos como el tuyo?


    I’m quite interested in how you did it, but I don’t see display:block property on your .threadpost anymore? :/

    Yeah I think that’s the same thing, I was making it too complicated. :)



    @detrom: Claro, en que necesitas ayuda?


    #thread li {
    padding: 1.5em 1.0em;
    display: block;

    :) that’s about it…

    Hola benbeltran, el foro que tengo es nuevo y lo veo un poco soso, me gustaria tenerlo tal como lo tienes tu ahora mismo. Me podrias echar una mano modificando el mio?

    te paso mi direccion de gmail: detrom[en]

    english plz?

    Ahh thanks, I was looking in the wrong place.

    Does the display: block property make a difference? Using Firebug to disable it I can’t see a change.



    yeah :O it should … li uses display:list-item and uses different properties … like line-height instead of height and it behaves differently in some contexts.

    In some cases using the default display mode it would overlap with other items, but with display:block; it stretches properly

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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