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My Forum Layout (in progress)

  • Robkk


    heres a look at some of the things im working on

    reply layout with icons instead of the written word for admin links

    might add share reply link in future , link that slides out kind of like disqus comments
    1 reply layout

    back to forum button and new reply button (havent styled yet)
    back to forum button and new reply button

    1 reply with bbp footer, subscribe link will stay in footer favorite link i want to move toward the top of all the replies in a topic

    sharing option will be more like a drop down menu in future , will not use jetpack sharing just custom stuff
    1 reply with bbp footer

    all rows topic layout , included views , no highlight topic background if closed or sticky, shows if sticky or closed by having it displayed (might change to icon in future)
    my topic layout

    much like replies footer, sharing will show more like in a drop down menu
    topics bbp footer

    back to forum index link , new topic link
    back to forum index + new topic button

    Hierarchical Forum and Category Layout
    forum layout like traditional forums

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  • Robkk


    @pavle123 but yeah its not really much though, you shouldn’t just be waiting to grab the theme.

    if you want your forum to be a specific way, you should go into trying to develop for yourself by reading the documentation and going off that and also learn from other online sources , or hire a developer.




    Certainly, each site is a story for itself, but I really like the UI and this “little” details you added. It would made my site much better, even without the customization.

    Keep up the good work Robkk!

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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