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Multiple types of hidden forum

  • Hi all

    I am currently setting up a multi-site wordpress install which will have distinct groups of people, each with access to the forum, one sub-site for their group, and the main pages. I am currently trying to set up a hidden/private forum for each group of users.

    My back up plan is to create a seperate forum in each subsite, but I would prefer to be able to have all the forums together.

    Each group of users will have slightly different roles and capabilites, so I can add capabilities such as view_group1_forums etc. if it is possible to create multiple types of hidden forum.

    I am running wordpress 3.1.2 with bbpress 2.0

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  • Andre


    I don’t think theres a way to do it exactly how you want, but installing BuddyPress can get you close. You can create the private group forums through BuddyPress and use bbPress for the general forum.

    Is there an advantage for using this method rather than having a subsite for each group of users? I havn’t use buddypress before

    Bearing in mind that I will probably require a subsite for each group eventually anyway



    BuddyPress is the only route I’ve gone for creating groups and having private group discussions. I’m not aware of another way to limit a forum to a group, but I assume there are other methods via plugins. I think groups in BuddyPress are easier to manage than users with access to a site.

    If you already know you are going to have sites for each group there isn’t much of an advantage, if any, of doing it via BuddyPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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