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moving topics to a new forum

  • tom211221


    Hello There,

    I started a forum a long time ago and did not had all of the topics under 1 forum because i had not had many posts at the time and didnt want the website to look bare.

    I have now started new forums under different categories and assigning topics to them. My problem is that when i look at the menu of forums on the website it says there are no topics or replies in that forum but when i click on the category it lists them and says forum empty.

    I need for the menu to show how many topics there are and work because people are now looking for certain things.

    Is it not registering because the topics were originall started in the main one?

    Here is the link to the menu as i see it

    when you click on something .i.e family and relationships youll be able to view the topics from within but it doesnt say there are any on the menu

    Please help

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  • Update to bbPress 2.5.4 that was just released and then run each of the bbPress repair tools

    Dashboard -> Tools -> Forums

    (Though it looks like you may have already done that now)



    thanks very much for this it worked well and im now up to date

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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