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Moving topics doesn’t update the forum-page

  • Denna Gherlyn



    I’ve a caching(?) problem and I’ve no idea how to solve it.

    I use bbpress on a single website in a multisite wordpress installation with the [bbp-forum-index] bbcode on a custom page as front page.
    Now I realised that then I’m moving topics or deleting some of them the topic- and post-counter as the freshness column doesn’t update. There still seems to be a topic but then clicking on the forum there isn’t.
    My first suspect is the cache but after smashing the F5 button and manually clearing the browser cache it’s still there. Also topics deleted a long time ago are still in the freshness column but not in the topic- and post-counter.
    We’re not using any caching plugins. The only thing that comes near a caching plugin is the plugin wordfence that has a caching option, but that function is disabled. I also deactivated the plugin but nothing changed.

    Now I’m quite confused. Does someone know of any problems with following plugins?

    What I’ve tried:
    – deactivating wordfence
    – use the Twenty Fifteen theme instead of evolve (on a test page same result if I move topics between different main categories or parent forums)

    What I use:
    – WordPress 4.3
    – bbPress 2.5.8
    – evolve theme 3.4.3 with a child theme
    test website:

    These plugins are active together with bbpress (on both the test website and the productive forum):
    – Breadcrumb NavXT 5.2.2
    – Redux Framework 3.5.7
    – Wordfence Security 6.0.15
    – WPML Multilingual CMS 3.2.6 (active on multisite but deactivated through the WPML intern deactivation)
    – WP Statistics 9.5.3
    – BuddyPress 2.3.3
    – WP Hide Admin Bar 2.0
    – Orbisius Child Theme Creator 1.2.8

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  • Robkk


    I see this comment in your source code and this usually is inserted from some caching plugins/software?

    <!-- Generated in 0.959 seconds. (121 q) -->

    If you had some caching plugins activated awhile ago, activate it again and clear the cache and see if this helps any.

    IF you have server cache, you might need to check on that. Same thing if you are using something like cloudflare.

    Denna Gherlyn


    The <!-- Generated in 0.959 seconds. (121 q) --> comment comes from BuddyPress. And BuddyPress doesn’t affect the movement of topics (tryed on a fresh installation).

    (I’m currently installing every plugin one by one that are active on our forum on a fresh installation, but nothing found yet.)

    Denna Gherlyn


    I might have found the problem.

    It seems that bbpress has a problem with moving the topics from backend. I’ll make another fresh installation to verify that. If that is the case I’ll need to open a ticket, I guess.

    Denna Gherlyn




    Huh didn’t know that BuddyPress added that. Well at least there already is a ticket with a patch for the issue you are experiencing.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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