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Modifying header.php

  • I am trying to embedd bbPress inside a WordPress page.

    I have followed instructions here on how to use iframe to do that.

    Now I want to remove all the header information and the blue background so the installation looks cleaner on my site.

    The current header.php file can be found at

    I’m using WordPress 2.8.4 and bbPress 1.0.2

    What is the minimum I need in my header file?



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  • We can’t see your header’s source code by just looking at the PHP file, you’d need to use a .phps extension or .txt, or similar…

    Thanks for the help.

    Sorry about that.

    Try this …

    I’ve decided to modify the default template – kakumei – because it’s a cleaner design and I think it will be simpler to modify so it suits my needs.



    How did you get the iframe to show the entire content of the forum. I can’t get my height=”100%” working so I have set my height=”3000px” right now…poor solution. VERY interested in hearing how you integrated it seemlessly! More details here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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