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moderation not working

  • ahirtz1


    Hi, I’m having a problem with my bbpress 2.5.14 forum. When connected as an administrator I have the links to edit, spam, strash,…
    I can edit posts, but clicking trash or spam does nothing : the link seems OK (somthing like /forums/topic/subject/?view=all&action=bbp_toggle_reply_trash&sub_action=trash&reply_id=2601&_wpnonce=e3eb42b7d4) but just brings back to the same page and the answer stays there.
    When I go to WP admin the answer is still published. I tried moving an answer to trash from the admin, it works and on the forum page it states that there is an hidden answer (as it should) but the link on this message (/?view=all) doesn’t show the hidden post.
    Also in admin when I go to the trash and try to reactivate the answer I come to a page asking if I am sure I want to do this but it does noting. The only way I found is to use the batch action.
    (I’m on a french version so some terms might be wrong, but I hope you undestand my problem).
    Has anyone encountered that problem ?

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