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Mobile Plugin Solution

  • jameshogan03


    Bbpress users and developers,

    After creating my bbpress forum I was disappointed to find there is no easy way to get full functionality (notifications etc) on smartphone, since tapatalk cut ties with wordpress.

    I have found a new application called Topic’it, who have established compatibility with Forumotion and PHPbb software. Their app appears in both the android and ios app stores, and is essentially the same proposed thing as tapatalk.

    They are searching for people to create plugins to make their app compatible with more forum platforms. They have given me permission to access their API, so I’m going to attempt this as a solo project, but it will take me time as I’m a computer hobbyist and not a developer in any way.

    For the love of Bbpress, let someone more adept than me get over there and give it a shot!

    Of course I’ll share my work here if I manage to connect.

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  • Robin W


    not sure if this is relevant

    I’m building a bbPress iOS and Android app



    Hi Robin,

    Of course it’s super relevant for people wanting to build their own app using bbpress API.

    But for noobs like myself who just want a mobile platform for their community without becoming app developers, I think Topic’it looks really promising.

    Thanks for your bbpress advice and plugins btw, would be lost without them!



    I’ve built 3 custom bbpress ios/android apps now. One for myself and two for clients. Each site has such different needs that a generic, one size fits all solution for an app would be hard to pull off. Not impossible. One issue would be that the app has to be available on say iTunes, requiring a paid developer license and support and so-on. That app would have to have a setting somewhere to add the domain of the bbpress it is going to connect to. So that app would not be affiliated necessarily with your site, but a generic app. Otherwise, you’d have to have a developer account and do all the PITA stuff it takes to get your app launched, which means a lot of custom work.

    Marcos Pivari


    How is the project going?

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