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Missing HTML Formatting Buttons

  • Christopher0424


    I am missing all of the html formatting buttons with the exception of “close tags”. I have them turned on in the settings, but nothing is visible for my users. Any suggestions of where to start?

    My website is

    I am using the latest wordpress and bbpress. I tried uninstalling and deleting the plugin and reinstalling the latest version. Sacrificing all of our topics, I still had no luck correcting this issue.

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  • Robkk


    try all the general troubleshooting first, if you have other plugins deactivate them, and switch to a default theme like twentytwelve or twentyfifteen.

    create me a simple subscriber/participant account so i can check out the quicktags toolbar, send the login details to my email.


    Before Posting



    Hi Rob,
    I’ve had a similar unresolved problem for a while – that being the HTML and Search buttons are illegible. I’ve downloaded your bbpress stylepack and changing the button background/font colours makes no difference!?
    Using Canvas with various plugins which I’ve tried disabling.
    Any suggestions?




    this just looks like a CSS issue.

    I think it is just that your buttons text are white by default in your theme and it is overriding the bbPress styles.

    you can try this CSS and see if it works but you would need to find the issue using some developer tools in your browser or you can create me a subscriber/participant acount to look at it.

    If you want to create me an account you can send the login details to my email here.




    We have encountered an issue whereby when multiple forums are placed on a page, using the [bbp-single-forum id=##] shortcode, the HTML buttons do not appear for all but the 1st forum. The class=”quicktags-toolbar” div still appears, but it is empty (the HTML input buttons do not appear within the source HTML).

    This issue has been confirmed on multiple installs, with all plugins disabled and using the default WP theme.

    Here is a screenshot example:



    I’m confirming what clearscope posted in this topic. I have the exact same issue present. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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