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Migrate old bbpress forum to new from same DB

  • Morphim


    I’ve just changed host and one of the WP sites I have included a bbpress forum. Someone else managed the site; I only ever updated the core and plugins and didn’t really pay much attention to it other than to see the main site was still working OK. I think I probably missed something regarding this a few years back.

    However, having moved it, I realise the BBpress forum isn’t working. I’m not sure if it was working on the old site but my hunch is that BBpress has changed.

    The old forum was located at http://mysite/bbpress
    whereas now, I think BBpress is integrated into WP (which is great, by the way)

    I also have a bbpress config file with settings for the DB. I’m thinking this is also redundant too as it seems the bbpress settings are just stored in the regular WP db tables.

    I can see my old forum within the bb_forums, bb_meta, bb_post table of my db but in the admin of WP, under the ‘forums’ menu I see ‘no forums’

    So, my question is, how do I get the info from the bb_ tables to register as an integrated forum in the new bbpress?

    Thanks very much in advance if you can help.

    By the way, the old site is no more as I have already switched hosts.

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  • Morphim


    Sorry no one was able to help here.

    But, I managed to do it by seeing in THIS thread that there is a 2.6 beta candidate of BBPress.
    I installed that and used the BBPress1 importer and this worked.

    The same importer in the current version (2.5.?) had the same options (BBPress1) but places the DB name at the beginning of the DB prefix and then couldn’t find this extended prefix … which it wouldn’t as it didn’t exist.

    So, version 2.6 beta seemingly didn’t add this so all went well.

    I do like the integration on BBpress into WP rather as a separate entity. I might move my PHPbb forums to this at some point.

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