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  • Dzonny


    Hey all,

    Is there a way to export all forums content, including topics, posts and members registered, and then import it on another bbpress installation?

    I have one forum on with registered members and around 5.000 posts, and I have WP blog on, where I just installed bbpress, but not sure how can I import my forum to


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  • @dzonny,

    First of all, for the export/import, consider the v2.6 of bbPress as exporting and importing has been improved. It’s a release candidate but very stable:

    To export: Tools > Export and select forums, topics and replies
    To import: Tools > Import and choose WordPress



    Hi all… I’m trying to export/import a bbpress forum very large (20k topic, 10k user and so on)
    from a wordpress site ( to another ( .. is there some plugin than can help me to do it? I’m triyng to do it using export/import function of wordpress… but I have only errors… thnkx a lot



    Hi, I would need to move our forums, topics, replies and the users from development server to live site. I have done with exporting and importing those in live site, but the relationship between the forums and topics are not getting updated, so we are getting a message as no topics inside the forum when viewed from frontend.

    Can anyone let me know if there are any other ways to perform this export/import functionality?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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