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Migrate from bbpress plugin to bbpress standalone

  • I prefer the look/feel/functionality of bbpress standalone. The wordpress plugin version seems odd to me, while the standalone bbpress functions more like a typical forum.

    How can I best transfer my wordpress bbpress plugin forum data to a standalone version?

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  • pagal


    Hi grahamgrocho,

    How much active topics do you have on bbPress plugin’s version?

    381 topics, about 2400 posts.

    Is it possible?

    Installing standalone bbpress and converting from phpBB3 didn’t work for me. I tried and tried. However, converting from phpBB3 to plugin bbpress DID work. So now I’d like to try to transfer from bbpress plugin to bbpress standalone. Make sense?



    It’s a retrograde step. Standalone version is not being developed anymore. So, nor are its plugin. If you do move to it, you will be stuck with what’s available right now.

    I am positive there is no automated tool to downgrade from plugin to standalone. You will need to either write some database queries yourself or do the transfer manually.

    fair enough. what’s the process to transfer manually?




    Create new forums in standalone.

    Create users in standalone with some particular password.

    Create new topics, copy pasting content and predating etc

    Email all users of your plugin, asking them to reset their passwords.

    Hm. OK.

    Is there any way for me to just make the plugin bbpress look like the standalone? I really can’t stand how going to is the way to browse to my forums, etc. And they look like blog posts, etc.

    As opposed to my phpbb3 forum:

    I much prefer a traditional message board but this wordpress/bbpress plugin does not seem like the right answer. The bbpress plugin did, and I much prefer it over phpBB3, but I can’t seem to transfer my phpBB3 database into the standalone bbpress w/o totally messing it up. Transferring to plugin version worked just fine though.



    You can change the look of it with CSS and by editing template files. I can’t comment much because the link you provided returns 404

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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