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Merge Topics Problem

  • matrixd


    Hi I have the following problem.
    I want to merge 2 topics.
    I press the link Merge in the topic I want to merge and at the next screen under the Label “Destination” has the following message: “There are no other topics in this forum to merge with”.
    There are many topics in the same forum.
    I had this abbility, to merge topics, in previous versions (before 2.5.7).
    Now I have WordPress 4.2.4 and Bbpress 2.5.8
    Is something that I must check?


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  • Robkk


    Merging topics still works for me when I tested it with the latest version of bbPress and WordPress.

    If merging topics doesn’t work for a specific forum, you may need to repair your forums possibly??


    You may also need to find and see if there is a plugin or theme issue too.

    If merging forums does not work at all on your site try this with some troubleshooting also.

    Create a hidden forum so it would only be visible to Keymasters and MOderators, then create a few topics and try merging them together.



    Hi Robkk, thanks for the answer

    Merging topics doesn’t work at allon my main forums, on any topic old or new, on any forum.
    It gives me the message “There are no other topics in this forum to merge with”.
    The only place that I found that works merging topics is inside group forums!
    i have 2 group forums and merging topics works in both.

    I haven’t test it with another theme because is a production site.
    I haven’t add or replace any plugin, only updates!



    Try some troubleshooting especially what is listed for plugins. Deactivate every plugin except bbPress to see if the topics can merge correctly. Activate BuddyPress right after to see if topics merge correctly in groups and normal forums. Next, activate every other plugin one at a time to see what could be causing an issue.

    If you still cannot merge topics with only bbPress activated, try the other possible solutions listed like trying a default theme to see if that fixes your issue.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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