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/members/user error

  • xprt007



    Not sure where to turn …

    I have a community site with a number of plugins, including bbforum & buddypress.
    I noticed when a member posted a reply to forum content, that when I clicked on the notification bubble /members/user/notifications/, it led a page not found error.

    I tried to check my profile as forum user, top right and cannot access any of the pages which all lead to same error.

    I tried re-saving permalinks …, not knowing what to do next and still have this error. /members/ is accessible, but not any of the pages if u click a listed member page.
    Also checked the bbforum/buddypress settings & could not see what is not OK.

    I am not quite sure when this error could have started, as I have not used these links for many months, but probably someone may know what is causing it – and would appreciate some some help to get rid of it.

    Even /groups/group-name/ is not not accessible.
    Outside bbforum/buddypress, there are NO link problems.


    Thank you in advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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