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Members cannot see private topics

  • mglasser


    Our forum is open to members only, utilizing private forums and private topics. Something happened and my Participant users can no longer open private topics. Setting aside the “something happened”, how can I verify that my users all have the read_private_topics and read_private_replies capability? If they do not, how can I give them all that capability? We have about 3,000 users, so it cannot be done one at a time.

    If they do have read_private_topics and read_private_replies capability, what could be another cause for them being able to see the private categories and forums, but not see the list of topics or see the topics directly?


    WordPress 4.2.2
    bbPress 2.5.7-5693

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  • Robin W


    The ‘something happened’ is unfortunately the key to this.

    Users will have a role, and the default roles are stated in

    bbPress User Roles and Capabilities

    so as long as a user has the right level, then the default will tell you what they should have.

    But an plugin, or change to functions code can change the default roles, so without pouring over the code, it is impossible to say whether a user has a particular level beyond seeing what they can do.

    So you’ll need to come back to ‘something happened’ to wpork out wthat that was and why it affected.

    So have you done

    theme updates
    plugin updates
    changed themes
    added or deactivated plugins

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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