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Members can add tags

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  • I do not know the answer from the developers point of view. But for me I would see this as a feature. The more you can let members do the more time is left for the admin to do other more important things.

    John James Jacoby


    This has always been the case as a feature, or ability for users to add tags to any post they would like to.

    The downside would be that one user could corrupt your bbpress install with tons of inappropriate tags… but there’s no spam check on tags (that I’m aware of).

    yeah that’s a good point



    The member id is recorded in the database when the tag is added, so if it’s a member doing inappropriate tagging, you can deal with them individually. Normally, regular members won’t sh*t where they eat. It’s not something I would worry about. Instead, install _ck_’s Human Test plugin to keep bots from registering right off the bat.

    Also, I think it’s been like this for a while with tags, going back to the 0.73 release I think.

    This is bug for me. In general the forum moderators/administrators moderate/administrate OR writing PHP&SQL, not both.

    Wait … what does that have to do with tags?

    Members can add tags.

    Moderators (and Admin and Key Master) can remove them.

    Where did this come into PHP & SQL?



    @wiseacre: Sorry? Please explain that last reply. Thanks.

    OK let have one bad guy and one good admin. How admin can identify and fight this bad guy without PHP or SQL knowledge?

    chrishajer, I will explain with your own words “The member id is recorded in the database when the tag is added, so if it’s a member doing inappropriate tagging, you can deal with them individually.”

    But in other point of view bbpress admin/key master MUST know PHP & SQL because of undeleteing “deleted” topics and posts. ;)

    Actually it’s a lot easier to figure out who made the tag than you seem to think.

    ID’s are set in every single tag. <li id="tag-85_71562">tags</li>

    Go to and you’ll see that I added a tag :) Easy as pie to see I’m a spammer ;)

    Reading I can’t say are you “tag spammer” or not ;)

    Someone could write a plugin to list all tags added by ID whomever, I suppose, but tag spam is either really clever (that MIGHT be spam, maybe not) or blindingly obvious (mmm ‘sex’ is not an appropriate tag here), in my experience. And most of the time it’s the latter.



    @wiseacre – is this actually happening or are you just preparing for the future?



    @Ipstenu – that’s pretty neat about the ids, I never knew that. It could still be a plugin, but it’s nice to know who added certain tags without a plugin and without looking in the database.

    @chrishajer – If I get bored enough this week I may make a plugin to show all the tags a person makes (list it on their profile page maybe) or even on mouse-over for admins…. Actually the later sounds smarter. Mouseover the tags and the ‘alt’ is the person who added them. You’d still need a bit of brains to sort out that ‘Gee, JimBob there made these tags in a lot of posts’ Dunno, I can think of a few approaches and none appeal to me past common sense :)

    @wiseacre If you really want to remove the ability of non-mods to add tags, just edit topic-tags.php in your template.

    Wrap <?php tag_form(); ?> with an ‘if mod’ sort of deal. Call it a day.

    @chrishajer – I am not using unfinished software – I’m preparing for the future.

    – Thanks!!! I can do this but average key master … I don’t know. I thing bbpress needs a setting for this.

    @ All – Merry Christmas!!!



    Ignoring the debate over whether it’s a feature or a bug, good or bad, you could just remove the capability from the member role. It’s coded in bb-includes/ line 170, “edit_tags”. You could delete that line and members would not be able to edit tags any longer. I’m not sure if that means they can’t add tags to their own post or not though.

    Also, instead of modifying a core file like that, you could probably use a plugin to remove that capability from the member role. Or you could create a whole new role that does not have that capability. I think there was a plugin related to custom roles:

    This is the solution:

    1 – Find topic-tags.php file, in your template folder.

    2 – In topic-tags.php file, find this line:

    <?php tag_form(); ?>

    3 – Above this line, add the following code:

    <?php if ( !bb_current_user_can( 'manage_tags' ) ) {return false;} ?>

    I hope it is not wrong, I made this change for me and now works …

    [EDIT by chrishajer – there is no bbcode here]

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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