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Memberlist plugin

  • Hello! I’ve noticed that when I delete a user in the plugin it doesn’t delete it in the database. I can still see the users in the memberlist in admin-pages!

    Does this happen for everybody or just for me?

    When I looking in the code where it should delete the user it says:

    if ( $bb->wp_table_prefix )

    $delteeded = $bbdb->query("DELETE FROM ".$bb->wp_table_prefix."users WHERE ID = $d");


    $delteeded = $bbdb->query("UPDATE $bbdb->users SET user_status = 1 WHERE ID = $d");

    Shouldn’t it say DELETE user instead of UPDATE after the ‘else’??

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  • Better ask Ardentfrost for sure, but this was written when we were not deleting the users in the core, just updating them as deleted, but not ‘deleting them for real’.

    The changes in the core now have them deleting users for real. It is up to you guys what you want the plugin to do.

    Even with this plugin now, WP integrated users have the users gone for real.


    Okey, so what is the good thing about not delete them in the core?

    What should I write instead to delete them in the core?

    As of 0.74, I believe it deletes the users in the core if you delete them in the admin, therefore, you should just change the plugin to delete the user as well. At least, it should work that way!


    I left Ardentfrost/Josh know of this thread via GoogleTalk, but he hasn’t replied. He must be AFK at the moment. He’ll be in to see this though.. ;) :)

    @Trent, can you fix my grammar error in the “Forum Catagories” thread. In the title change: Catagories to: Categories please? That grammar mistake is driving me nuts! =P

    *EDITED: Thanks Trent for editing it! :) ;)




    I haven’t had the chance to update the plugin since .74. When I update it, then it’ll act correctly. I programmed it to act like the core, but they changed the way the core acts, so I still have to change the plugin to match.

    Okey. Thanks then!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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