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Memberlist plugin: need a few testers

  • ardentfrost


    I’m trying to test a new deletion routine in the Memberlist plugin, but the problem is I don’t have a WPMU integrated site to test with. I usually use Trent as my tester, but he de-integrated.

    So if a few of you who use the plugin and are integrated and are willing to test something, let me know. The problem being addressed is how currently the plugin does not delete usermeta data when deleting the user, which causes errors in the backend user pages (particularly when the user is a bozo). I have already tested it using non-integrated bbpress, I just need one or two people to let me email them an updated file to test with WPMU. You’ll need to know how to look in your database to make sure the data is being deleted.


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  • Actually, if you test this new version of ardentfrost’s plugin and delete a bozo user, you will know if it didn’t work because when you go the ADMIN => USERS => BOZO page and get an error, it didn’t work. If it shows up, it did work as that was the problem with the last version of the plugin and the new upgrade of bbPress.


    Hmm we need to talk to make this plugin bbmenu compatible :) Still working out some options, but it would be nice if it could detect the menu plugin and if it is add a draggable menu item to it… If not it will ignore this :)

    So it need to check if the table bb_menu excist and then if the memberlist record excist…

    Well I will contact you about this when I sort things out :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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