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Lost password widget defaults to (nearly) invisible?!

  • Evan100


    This had got my head spinning. I have a new bbpress install, and have set up a login widget with a ‘Lost Password’ URI. I’ve also got a lost password page, with the [bbp-lost-pass] shortcode.

    When I go direct to the page, or click on the lost password link, I can see only an empty input box, and a big ‘Reset My Password’ button. Do I have to do something else to set up the widget?

    The page contents are mostly hidden in the css. The legend (which says ‘Lost Password’) is disabled (bbpress.css):

    .bbp-login-form fieldset legend {
    	display: none;

    And the label for the input box is hidden in the template (form-user-lost-pass.php):

    <label for="user_login" class="hide"><?php _e( 'Username or Email', 'bbpress' ); ?>: </label>

    So, presumably some JavaScript somewhere should magically make all this appear, but it’s not firing, or I’ve just messed up. Any ideas? Note that I also have a lost password form in Woocommerce, but disabling Woocommerce doesn’t affect this. Thanks.

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  • Robkk


    you do not have to use the bbPress lost password form if want to.

    All of your users will just log in to your site like normal with either one and it should work fine.

    But as for the legend being hidden that is normal the label being hidden is probably your theme causing an issue.

    if you still want to use bbPress’ login form i will need a link to the lost password page so i can see if its a css issue.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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