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Lost Password Page Just Refreshes Once User Enters Info

  • jveronda


    Hi All!

    I’m referring to the [bbp-lost-pass] page specifically. When a user enters their email on the ‘forgot password’ page, the reset email is sent properly BUT the page only refreshes. There is no notification letting them know that the email has been sent. I know this isn’t something malfunctioning, it’s just the way it was designed. But I’d like to redirect to a page that confirms the email has been sent. I found this topic from a while back
    but I can’t seem to find the correct action to hook into. I’ve searched the bbPress files on our ftp server and found the ‘template.php’ located here-> wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/users/

    Here is the snippet I am hopeful of:
    /** Lost Password *************************************************************/

    * Output the required hidden fields when user lost password
    * @since bbPress (r2815)
    * @uses apply_filters() To allow custom redirection
    * @uses bbp_redirect_to_field() Set referer
    * @uses wp_nonce_field() To generate hidden nonce fields
    function bbp_user_lost_pass_fields() {

    <input type=”hidden” name=”user-cookie” value=”1″ />


    // Allow custom lost pass redirection
    $redirect_to = apply_filters( ‘bbp_user_lost_pass_redirect_to’, get_permalink() );
    bbp_redirect_to_field( add_query_arg( array( ‘checkemail’ => ‘confirm’ ), $redirect_to ) );

    // Prevent intention hi-jacking of lost pass form
    wp_nonce_field( ‘bbp-user-lost-pass’ );

    I am new to php so I am now quite sure on how to implement the redirect filter in the appropriate place. Should I be trying to hook into an action? Or apply a filter?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • georgeslangeard


    Hello there,

    Have you finally found a solution to your problem?

    I’m stuck with the same old problem and info here..

    I’d be really glad if you had found a happy ending to this one.

    Thanks in advance,

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