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Login questions and "admin" buttons not working in forums

  • Adam


    I am wondering how to allow users to login in and use the forums. easy enough you would think. But I have never tested or had a site where users had to sign up. my other site (multisite so I have three) uses buddy press and thats all fine and dandy. as they sign up, and they are returned to buddy press. Will users signing up for my site be returned to the home page? will they have admin pannel (post new posts, edit themes, install plugins) rights? if so How do i remove that?

    I am very cautious about this how ever I want to allow users to use the forums, hence why I am creating them…

    my second issue is that when I am logged in, as the site admin, and I go to a forum and a test topic and hit any of the “admin” buttons for moderating a forum I get the following issues:

    edit: refreshes the page

    close: refreshes the page

    Stick (to front): refreshes the page

    merge, trash and spam: refreshes the page.

    on local host these all work.

    I am using multi site on the live site and I have this plugin activated for one of my three sites. on local host I am NOT using multi site.

    Also, How will bbpress plugins work for bbpress 2.0? the same as before? or will we install them as regular plugins and just activate them?

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