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How do readers log in to create topic or add comments

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  • paulwclark


    At this point I’m thinking my question has either been answered so many times people can’t be bothered to answer it anymore, even though I can’t find an answer to my question anywhere in support, or it is in fact impossible for anyone other than the site owner to post new topics or comments using bbPress which makes me wonder how it can be so popular 😉

    Come on now someone – anyone – how does Joe Blow visiting my site for the first time login to contribute to the forum. Surely it’s not that difficult.

    If you want users to register, make sure Settings > General > “Anyone can register” is checked.

    If you want anonymous (visitor) commenting on WordPress posts, check your Settings > Discussion.

    For anonymous (visitor) posting of topics and replies, in Settings > Forums, check “Allow guest users without accounts to create topics and replies”.



    Thanks Jennifer, I had those settings on my radar but they weren’t doing anything.

    Here’s why – I trashed the Meta widget from the sidebar when I was first setting up my new site a couple of days ago.


    Hopefully this thread will help others such as me (of which I hope there are only a few more out there 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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