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List of Plugins that work on RC1/RC2

  • Well. We’re all wondering, aren’t we? Those of us insane enough to be on bleeding edge, report!

    Here are the ones I’m using without any issues:

    • Akismet 1.0
    • Allow Images 0.7.1
    • bbPress Smilies 0.0.8
    • Comment Quicktags for bbPress 1.1
    • Spoiler Tags 0.4
    • Unread Posts 0.9.3

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  • deadlyhifi


    Working Plugins:

    • Human Test for bbPress 0.9.1
    • Report Post 0.1.4
    • Super Search 0.0.3
    • C*nsor 0.1
    • bbPress Smilies 0.0.7
    • BBcode Lite 1.0.3
    • BBcode Buttons Toolbar 0.0.9
    • Allow Images 0.7.1



    Here are the working plugins that I’m using with RC1:

    • Allow Images 0.7.1
    • bb-chunk 0.1
    • BBcode Buttons Toolbar 0.0.9
    • BBcode Lite 1.0.3
    • bbPress signatures 0.2.0
    • bbPress Smilies 0.0.8
    • bb Topic Views 1.6.4
    • BBVideo 0.24
    • Censor 0.1
    • Change Number of Front Page Topics 0.1
    • Check For Updates 0.0.2
    • Hidden Forums 0.0.8
    • Human Test for bbPress 0.9.1
    • Move It 0.14
    • Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More! 1.1.11
    • Quote 0.2 with add-ons by fel64
    • Simple Onlinelist 1.5
    • Strike 0.1
    • Unread Topics 0.4
    • Wiki Post 0.1.5

    Plugins that AREN’T working:

    • Admin add user 1.3
    • Approve User Registration 0.3



    I take back that “Unread Topics 0.4” works. It actually broke the admin Dashboard, otherwise the basic functionality was working fine. Upgraded to _ck_’s “Unread Posts” plugin instead, which works fine.



    Members Online *(except that the link to a member profile doesn’t work, don’t know if it’s related to permalinks or not, haven’t had time to investigate).



    Here’s my working Plugins, transfered from Alpha6 to RC1 without any adjustment:

    • Accurate Post Time
    • Admin Can Post Anything (_ck_)
    • Allow Images
    • Avatar Upload
    • BBcode Buttons Toolbar (_ck_)
    • BBcode Lite (_ck_)
    • bbPress Polls (_ck_)(there’s a little oddity when trying to delete polls but it worked on second try, might have to watch this one more closely)
    • bbPress signatures (_ck_)
    • bbPress Smilies (_ck_)
    • bbSocialize
    • BBVideo
    • Censor
    • Check For Updates (_ck_)
    • Edit History (_ck_)
    • Hidden Forums (_ck_)
    • Hidden Forums Tag Filter (_ck_)
    • Human Test for bbPress (_ck_)
    • Mini Stats (_ck_)
    • Mini Track (_ck_)
    • Page links
    • Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More! (_ck_)
    • Post Edit Look Behind (_ck_)
    • Quote
    • Related Topics (_ck_)
    • Super Search (_ck_)
    • Support forum
    • Topics Per Page (_ck_)
    • Unread Posts (_ck_)

    In fact, I didn’t have a single plugin that was not working but for the WP shared logins of course. I didn’t have the chance to test every little setting of these but the basic functionality works.



    @citizenkeith: I can’t believe you’re still using Move-It successfully with RC.

    Personally I’m dying for a split/merge option for topics.

    Really nice to know that there’s so many plugins working with the RC1.

    Does this mean they’re still going to work with the final 1.0 version?



    Fairly certain bb-attachments is no longer working with the newest 1.0 releases

    (neither is bb-topic-views apparently)

    Remember if you use any of my major plugins like bb-attachments or bb-polls they do not work under RC1 or RC2 and will not be supported for months, so do not upgrade from bbPress 0.9 if those plugins are important to you.

    Fairly certain bb-attachments is no longer working with the newest 1.0 releases

    (neither is bb-topic-views apparently)

    Thanks for your information

    @filiped – So far so good. I think if they’re working on RC1 and RC2, odds are likely they’ll work on Final.

    Answer – Yes they work, kinda. Allow-Images doesn’t work right, but it’s messed up in a lot of ways :/

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